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Free and Affordable HR Tools For HR Teams Looking to Cut Costs

So you’ve read our budgeting guide for organizations this circuit breaker season. And now you’re wondering about the different ways to help tighten your purse strings. In our previous budgeting guide, we mentioned that one way to cut costs is by switching to free tools available online. As a HR outsourcing agency, we understand just how painfully tedious workload can be without the right tools. 

In this article, we’ll be providing a list of several up-to-date tools and workforce management systems in Hong Kong that HR executives can utilize this work-from-home season. 

Tools For Job Posting Online 


1. Free Job Listings on LinkedIn     

Cost: Free for selected organizations (e.g. Healthcare industries)

Whilst the demand for employees in several industries might be declining due to the current COVID-19 climate. There has been a surge in demand for essential workers (i.e. employees in healthcare, warehousing, supermarket, and delivery industries). Recognizing this, LinkedIn is allowing these companies to post on its website for free. This service will be offered for the next three months (April to June 2020). 

If you’re a HR representative either from healthcare or any of the other essential services listed above. Click here to learn more about the offer

2. Google for Jobs 

Cost: Free 

If your organization posts ads on its website, Google for Jobs might be a useful tool for you. To sum it up, Google for Jobs uses high-tech tools such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide better visibility for your job ad.

Learn more about Google for Jobs here

3. Facebook

Cost: Free

Facebook understands that finding the right talent for your organization can be a struggle. Employers can now post job ads on their page for free. Using social media to advertise the roles you have is a good way to find candidates already interested in your brand. This allows your organization to find the ideal fit whose values might already align with your brand’s. For now, there is no limit to the number of posts that employers can post on their Facebook Business Page. 

Learn more posting jobs on your Facebook page with a step-to-step guide here

4. Indeed 

Cost: Free 

You’ve probably already heard of Indeed. The job portal is available in over 60 countries, which will give your job ad a lot of visibility. Employers can post job ads on the website for free. HR executives in Hong Kong looking to gain more visibility on their job ads can also pay a small fee for a premium job posting on the popular website. 

Click here to learn more about posting job ads for free on Indeed

Tools For Group Brainstorming 


Brainstorming whilst working online in separate locations can be a tough task. Especially since most individuals need some form of visual aid to help visualize their colleague’s ideas better.

1. Microsoft Whiteboard 

Cost: Free 

The Microsoft Whiteboard is a tool most Office 365 users are not aware of. The app can be used for collaborative meetings where people are required to perform different tasks all at once. This means that if someone was drawing on the shared app, others in the meeting can jot down notes on the same document. 

Learn more about Microsoft Whiteboard or download it here

2. Canva 

Cost: Free with Premium In-App Graphics 

Think of Canva as a more advanced Paint app. This simple to use graphic design tool allows users to design images and graphics either from scratch or with the help of a template. Additionally, the graphics designed on Canva can be used for both print and online (e.g. website banners, name cards, flyers and Instagram ads to name a few)! The possibilities with Canva are endless! The great thing about Canva is the collaborative aspect! Much like a Google Docs spreadsheet and/or slideshow, team members can access the design via an email or a link. 

Click here to sign up and start experimenting with Canva!

3. Realtime Board 

Cost: Free  

The best way to describe Realtime Board would be, Pinterest for professionals. Think of Realtime Board like you would a whiteboard. You can add virtual post-it notes, or even create specific templates to structure your thoughts. A great tool for flowchart creation!

Click here to experiment with Realtime Board

Creative Tools Available Online 


Fortunately, there is a large selection of creative tools available online. Creative tools are a good way for HR executives to create… Browse the selection below for a selection of creative tools ranging from free pictures and graphic icons to fonts and more! 

1. Stock Images and Icons 

  • Freepik: Users will be requested to sign in after hitting the daily limit

  • Burst Shopify: Free high-quality stock images available to both Shopify and non-Shopify users 

  • Animaticons: Create high-resolution animated GIFS for free! 

  • Flaticon: A number of free high-resolution icons await you. Users can also pay for premium icons. 

2. Free Fonts 

  • Google Fonts: This tool might be more useful to web designers. Google Fonts contain a plethora of open-source fonts for designers to choose from and experiment with.  

  • Font Squirrel: An extensive archive of web fonts for commercial use. 

Affordable Workforce Management Solutions



Payroll processing can be a tough nut to crack unless you have a capable Workforce Management System (WMS) software. Payroll processing is a tedious process, coupled with a number of manual calculations. With a trusted Workforce Management System, such as WECARE™, HR executives in Hong Kong will be able to enjoy: 

  • Automated Payroll Calculation 

  • Track attendance, time clock, and leave tracking 

  • Manage claims expenses and invoices 

  • Great cybersecurity coverage 

Click here for a list of benefits your HR team in Hong Kong will enjoy with a trusted Workforce Management System

Tools For Online Training 


1. LinkedIn Learning 

To embrace our new work-from-home situation, LinkedIn is now offering free courses focused on working remotely. A quick browse revealed short videos focusing on topics such as time management, productivity tips, managing stress, and managing teams online to name a few. This can be especially useful for Hong Kong employees — most of whom find it hard to be productive whilst working from home

Click here to check out free courses provided by LinkedIn Learning

Keep checking back to this article! As an HR outsourcing agency aiming to continuously improve, we’ll keep sharing some of the best affordable tools available for HR executives in Hong Kong.