Good Bosses Tell Stories, So Should You

Storytelling is a device used in every culture throughout history as a teaching tool. One of the oldest group of people in the world, the Australian Aboriginal people painted symbols on cave walls and used that, along with a combination of oral narration and music. Today, storytelling is no longer reserved just for clergymen and […]

5 Steps to Take After You’ve Been Terminated

Sometimes life gives you lemons. Other times life hands you your final notice when you’re least expecting it. But when the inevitable happens, how do you recover from it? Before you start the healing process, first you have to understand the reasons that led to your termination. Bad personality traits such as frequent absenteeism, refusing to […]

5 Creative Interview Questions Employers and Recruiters in Hong Kong Should Ask!

Finding a competent, responsible gem of an employee doesn’t come fast and easy. Employers are burdened with the task of going through a long list of candidates just to find the right one for the position they’re trying to fill. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to discover an employee who can make significant contributions […]

Free and Affordable HR Tools For HR Teams Looking to Cut Costs

So you’ve read our budgeting guide for organizations this circuit breaker season. And now you’re wondering about the different ways to help tighten your purse strings. In our previous budgeting guide, we mentioned that one way to cut costs is by switching to free tools available online. As a HR outsourcing agency, we understand just how […]

Top Reasons Why You Didn’t Get the Job You Wanted in Hong Kong

To some, job hunting is just like dating. There are ups and downs, and rejection is plenty. In fact, getting rejected for a position is something pretty common – that even qualified job seekers get turned down. Your qualifications are only a small part of the job search puzzle. In fact, a lot of qualified […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your HR Payroll Function!

Operating a business means balancing all aspects of the front-end to the back-end operations. Most businesses know how to delegate their tasks to the right employees but sometimes, as the business expands, even the most successful businesses may become overwhelmed with managing so many teams at once. Some companies choose to outsource because they want […]

Top Career Tips for Hong Kong Employees at All Stages

No matter your age, it’s important to understand that learning doesn’t stop. On top of that, human beings are like sponges. We absorb new ideas, opinions, and interests. This can lead to different career goals and interests as we progress in age. That’s why we see people jumping into job roles, completely different to their […]

4 Reasons Why Tech and IT Employees Leave Their Jobs

Tech professionals are often comfortable with the jobs they’re in. Which is why it is incredibly hard to woo IT employees as a hiring manager. As an IT recruitment outsourcing agency, we’ve written a number of articles to help clueless HR executives and hiring managers to search for the best IT and Tech talents in Hong […]

Why Contract Recruitment Outsourcing is the Only Way to Employ During the Pandemic

Outsourcing is not a new solution. But for most organisations, it is an underused solution to most of their problems. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has led to many executive changes in most companies across the globe. We’ve seen large scale organisations cutting out a portion of their paid employees, in order to stay afloat. Below, we […]

5 Reasons to Apply for a Job Through a Job Recruitment Agency

When I ask my friends if they’d apply for a job through a recruitment service, most of them gave me a strict no. Their reasons? They gave me reasons such as the fear that the agency will deduct part of their pay, and the lack of transparency during the recruiting process within recruitment agencies in […]